Lawn Signs and Business Cards

Sometimes you have to go back to basics to serve a client’s needs.

We recently had a facelift done to the Wild Goose Web Design headquarters by an outstanding young contractor named Matt Truman.

He does only word-of-mouth advertising and didn’t need a website, but we were able to set him up with a lawn sign and business cards.

Matt is a colorful guy so we designed a colorful logo that would work  on both the lawn sign and the business cards.

The sign was printed by CafePress online print-on-demand service. We were all impressed by the quality of their work on this one-off item.

The sign was printed on both sides of the heavy duty vinyl and has survived outside thru several heavy rainstorms.

Business card templates sure are boring! After several tries using standard templates we decided to use the lawn sign design on the cards as well.

The other design consideration was Matt has no email, no website and he will be moving soon and did not want an address on the card. Only a phone number would be used for contact info.

We certainly broke a few design rules as we expanded his name until it took up nearly all the space.

Would a massive, bolded. larger-then-life font designed to be seen from across the street work on a wallet sized business card?

What do you think?